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parking slippers are the footwear you truly deserve

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Shoes are great aren't they? They keep your feet warm (depending on the type you are wearing), protected and more or less, complete your look.

Putting them away, however, isn't so great. Like who has the time these days? 

Well, thanks to Nissan, you could soon add on the, er, hours you would spend putting your slippers back on the shoe rack.

The self-parking slippers have been created to promote the Nissan Leaf, a self-driving car, which won the Best of Innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show, and have been installed in the Hakone guesthouse in Japan, to ensure guests never have to spend time putting their slippers back ever again.

We hope that they sell the slippers because we'd really like to try them and not fall over ours all the time because we were too lazy to put them back. 

The slippers work using the same technology as the Nissan Leaf and have tiny wheels which, at the touch of a button, enable them to take themselves back to a designated location after use.

Sadly it looks like for this novelty you might have to forego comfort, as they do look a touch more like a denim clog than a cosy indoor shoe, but hey, you deserve that extra free time. 

Nissan Leaf

Look at that, it’s like a little micro machine in a shoe isn’t it?

2018, what a time to be alive.

parking slippers are the footwear you truly deserve

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