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$150 at Shep Miller). On Wall Street Mr. Miller says that this summer some of his customers have be

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AFTER padding around the town house all these years, at-home velvet evening slippers for men have kicked up their heels and are stepping outside. Stylishly, too, as befits footwear that retails in the vicinity of $100 a pair.

Heretofore, the English-made slip-ons were usually worn by the hosts of elegant little dinner parties or they might show up, coordinated with white flannels and ascots, on fashion-conscious guests at occasional cocktail parties in the Hamptons. This summer, however, they have been turning up in broad daylight, sometimes on men who wear them with blue jeans.

At Dunhill Tailors on East 57th Street, where the slippers are available in navy, burgundy and emerald, in addition to basic black, David Proudfit, the store manager, says, ''Within the past six months or so there has been a definite increase in the sale of velvet slippers, especially to younger customers, and now even women.''

Slipper prices depend on the style of motif or monogram (in gold thread) one chooses to have displayed on the front of one's slippers. Those at Church Shoes and Saks Fifth Avenue are bestowed with a crown ($100). At Brooks Brothers there are fox heads for $95 or rampant lions for $100. Dunhill in Manhattan and Shep Miller in Southampton have pheasants, stags and horses ($115) and a three-initial monogram ($135 at Dunhill, $150 at Shep Miller).

On Wall Street

Mr. Miller says that this summer some of his customers have been wearing their pheasant/stag/horse-head-decorated slippers to Wall Street.

In all likelihood, Mr. Miller's best velvet slipper customer is J. Allen Murphy, an interior designer. Mr. Murphy owns 45 pairs and stores them in specially built velvet-slipper drawers under his bed.

He wore slippers decorated with tiger heads to an India-theme party at the Bronx Zoo; his horse-head slippers with a tweed sport jacket to the races; his monogrammed slippers with dark suits at a wedding. He wears his slippers in the winter because ''They fit so easily under boots and in briefcases,'' and in the summer because ''They look great with perfectly faded jeans.'' In fact, the only velvet slippers Mr. Murphy eschews are those decorated with crowns. ''I don't like to be pretentious,'' he says.

Daniel Kron, a Manhattan fashion photographer, recently began mating his slippers with jeans because ''It's such a good contrast and I love to play around with clothes.'' He also finds that the velvet slippers go well with Italian suits and he intends to wear them with his overcoat. ALL of which is vexing indeed to Richard Merkin. Mr. Merkin, an artist and writer as well as one of New York's classiest dressers, started wearing velvet slippers as a substitute for dress pumps in the 60's. He was soon wearing them with dark winter suits (''Sometimes you just don't feel like wearing black shoes'') and then with light-colored summer suits (''To add a touch of class'').

His favorite pair, which he had custom-made by John Lobb in London, show the gold thread-outlined characters from the old comic strip ''Krazy Kat,'' in bottle green, claret red and champagne yellow. He likes wearing his slippers with British Colonial-type shorts, a knit pullover, lightweight sport jacket and no socks.

''To be audacious is great,'' said Mr. Merkin, referring to the few men like himself who pioneered the wearing of velvet slippers outdoors. ''But what's the point in being audacious after it has become the prescribed thing to do? To do something unexpected is brilliant. When everyone else starts doing it, it's contrived.''

Mr. Merkin's further comparison: ''It's like having gone to hear Bobby Short 30 years ago and first discovering him now.''

As for Mr. Short, not too long ago he scoffed at several slipper-wearing guests who attended a party at his home. ''I wouldn't think of wearing my at-home slippers to someone else's home,'' he said.

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