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Shyamvar Rai does a flip

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Flip does Shyamvar

Indrani Mukerjea’s driver Shyamvar Rai made contradictory statements before a special court on Friday. He first said Indrani instructed him to dispose of a parcel containing a pistol, but later said that she asked him to keep the parcel safely.

Deposing before the special CBI court, Rai said, “Madam told me to throw the parcel.” But when Advocate Sudeep Pasbola questioned him, he said, “Yes, she told me to take care of the parcel when she was at the airport.” Rai said a day after he was arrested in the Sheena Bora murder case, the Khar police interrogated him 10 to 12 times about the murder. He said he no longer remembers if his statement was taken in writing, but said the statement was recorded once.

Recalling the day of his arrest, Rai said he does not remember if he was walking from Khar Dhanda to Carter Road. But the statement recorded by the police read, “He was arrested while walking from Khar Dhanda.” Rai also said he does not remember if he was walking on the side of the sea, when he saw the police van. He said he only recollects getting scared and walking away briskly.

Rai said he was interrogated by the police for two to three hours, but does not remember if they checked the pistol in the bag he was carrying. He said he opened the parcel when “Indrani madam gave it to him.” He said he did not remember the day and month he received it, but the year was 2012. He said the parcel was given to him while on duty and he opened it after work.

Rai said, “Madam said to throw the parcel” and when she was at the airport, she said, “Take care of the parcel.” He said he does not remember telling Khar police if Indrani asked him to throw the parcel.

He added that about two or three times he felt he should throw the parcel. Rai will further be cross examined on August 18.


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