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I Met Defend Europe To Try And Work Out What The Hell They're Doing

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Simon Wald is on a mission to ‘Defend Europe’.

The tall, fair-haired, multi-lingual, 30-year-old German makes an almost comical sight in the baking Sicilian sun as he takes photos of a docked ship whilst trying trying to avoid the suspicious stares of its crew.

“The first step on this mission is to achieve a complete documentation and observation of the doings of those NGOs,” he tells me.

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Defend Europe's Simon Wald takes photos of NGO boat in Catania, Sicily 

“Those NGOs” are charities such as SOS Méditerranée and Save the Children operating search and rescue ships off the coast of Libya, whose mission is to save the lives of migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Aboard the subject of Wald’s camera, an NGO vessel named Aquarius about to set out to sea, three people peer in our direction - one holds up a walkie talkie.

“I think they’re calling the port police - we should go,” he says.

Génération Identitaire

Wald is an affable and passionate young man who spends a lot of time talking about history and politics - albeit rather selectively.

He is part of the Génération Identitaire (Identity Generation or GI) movement that views the ongoing and vast movement of migrants a threat to the identity of native Europeans, a view which has been described as nothing more than “thinly-veiled racism” and has even drawn the ire of top-level European politicians.

Approaching midday the heat is unrelenting. We find some shade and sit on the concrete of the pier and talk for nearly an hour.

Wald talks - he speaks quickly in English with a sharp German accent, quicker than most native speakers, and he’s fond of an analogy.

#DefendEurope pic.twitter.com/ifSgVWzFC7

— Simon Wald (@Simon_Waldgang) August 1, 2017

Describing his fears that the European Union is promoting a mixing of cultures which will lead to “monoculture”, he compares the EU to the mixing of beer, apple juice, water, cherry juice and Prosecco - individually they’re pleasant “but you would never mix them all together in a big glass and drink it because it would taste bad”.

He then does a similar thought experiment only this time using colours.

Wald goes on:“[The NGOs] believe that millions of migrants may come to Europe but the left-wing thinking in this case completely ignores that if you bring the whole of Africa to Europe, you will not save the African people but you will make Europe another African failed state.”

The ‘Identitarian’ Mission To Defend Europe

He and a small number of his fellow Identitarians, around 14, have taken it upon themselves to put an end to the migrant crisis by chartering their own boat, the C-Star, hoping to find evidence of collusion between the NGOs and the people-smugglers.

Generation Identitaire/Facebook

Members of the group pictured in June.


I Met Defend Europe To Try And Work Out What The Hell They're Doing


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The original plan for the C-Star was to sail to Catania via the Suez Canal in late July, pick up its contingent of five Identitarians and continue to the search and rescue area off the Libyan coast on the 20th under the banner of ‘Defend Europe’.

Hi to all our supporters from the #CStar! Go #DefendEurope! pic.twitter.com/B1IeChFgRw

— Defend Europe (@DefendEuropeID) July 31, 2017

But political pressure and a series of setbacks - including, ironically, accusations of people-smuggling - meant the crew were forced to fly to Cyprus in order to avoid those opposing their mission.

The ship was detained in the port of Famagusta after at least 20 Sri Lankan nationals were found on board and the ship’s crew and owner, Sven Tomas Egerstrom, appeared in court charged with preparing and circulating false documents.

They were later released.

Anti-extremism group, Hope not Hate, has been particularly active in monitoring the group which it has labelled “a far-right outfit with an anti-Muslim, extreme agenda” working to “block humanitarian work and put the lives of refugees at risk”.

The Globalist Plot

Undaunted, the crew, including leader Martin Sellner, insist the mission has so far been a success.


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