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Combo Chain Whip Lock Ring Tool

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Originally Posted by DiabloScott

the spanner isn't shaped well for the lock ring - it's the wrong diameter or something (aren't all lock rings the same size?), so I have to use my regular lock ring spanner from the old days of adjustable cup bottom brackets. It has two different curvatures - anybody know why?

Just a rant.


There are at least three common lockring sizes that can be found on bicycles: bottom bracket lockrings, track hub lockrings, and headset lockrings. Headset lockrings are uncommon on new bikes these days, but I still run into them fairly often.

The large-radius end of the Hozan tool fits bottom bracket lockrings; the small-radius end fits track and headset lockrings.

I'm surprised that your combo chain whip/lockring tool doesn't fit your hub lockring, though. Are you perhaps running a "suicide hub" (road hub with a single cog and bottom bracket lockring to hold it in place)? The larger diameter of a bottom bracket lockring won't fit well with a tool designed to work on a track lockring.


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