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Lego's padded slippers prevent injuries

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The pain rushes in fast, sharp.

Lifting your foot you see a tiny red brick stuck to the bottom: a present from Satan himself.

Suffer no more, now that Lego has unveiled the newest accessory in its popular line of buildable bricks and minifig characters: Lego slippers that have extra padding to protect feet from tiny bricks. 

The sad news: Only 1,500 will be made, and they aren't for sale.

Instead, Lego will be giving away the pain-preventing slippers (while supplies last) to people who make a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website.

Parents, Lego knows your pain. That's why they've created the ultimate necessity with these ultra padded Lego-proof slippers. The company partnered with French agency Brand Station to create 1,500 pairs that allow you to set foot in your kid's playroom without risking bodily harm. Sadly, they aren't for sale. Lego is giving them out for free, while supplies last, to anyone who creates a Christmas wish list on their French website. #Lego #LegoSlippers #Legoproof

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While kids may beam with joy to unwrap 3,000 new pieces for their mega-spaceship, parents can rest easy their soft soles aren't in any danger.

After a blow to the toe the worst thing that can happens to you is stepping on a Lego piece, so the French agency Brand Station has proposed a solution for this evil, the ultra-padded "slippers" to walk around the house without risk of that nasty pain. In total there has been a circulation of 1,500 shoes, which can be achieved by lottery through their website. It’s a big pity that the promo is only for France. #lego #france #brandstation #legopiece #slippers #shoes #pain #promo #legoslippers #fashion #branding #marketing #themarketingplanner

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If you miss out on the opportunity, don't fret. There are still plenty of other slippers that will protect your feet just as well. 

Whatever you do, don't blame Lego. Their products are just starting to inspire a new generation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math.


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