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High-heeled shoes increase the risk of leg injuries in women

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High heels are always the number one choice in creating the beautiful shape for women. However, implicit in that is the risk of a foot injury for them. The frequent wearing of high heels is "contributing" to the increase in health problems, in particular increasing the risk of a foot injury in women.
1 Inconvenience
In fact, not everyone can walk confidently and comfortably with high heels. In order to be able to use the high shoes with the lowest must reach 5 - 7 cm, sisters have to learn the way to walk which will help women have solid steps. It is not to mention the inconvenience of having to walk a lot or when running in urgent case. Sometimes, high heel trouble also causes its suffering to have a headache with bad stuck and bad laugh. Therefore, if you are finding the best shoes for standing all day or the best shoes for nurses, it is not a good choice for you.
2 Risk of injury
Wearing high heels also meant a higher risk of foot injury. According to the results of a social survey shows that most people wearing high heels have experienced at least one minor foot injury. Traumatic injuries can be traced to a variety of causes including stumbling in high heels, broken heels due to severe bumps, loss of balance when traveling on terrain complex. In addition, with women working in offices often wearing high heels, besides the accrued blood that causes pain in the legs, also stressed back muscles and pressure on the spine. As a result, injuries, back aches, and shoulder pain are also increasing.
3 Foot deformation
Doctors found that the common traumatic condition that sisters often encounter when wearing high heels are traumas caused by deformities in the calf muscles and ligaments in the legs. Over time, the change and deformity of the legs will make you unable to use other types of shoes but feel comfortable wearing your high heels.
4 Increases blood pressure
Researchers at the University of Manchester metropolitan (UK) found that when standing or walking with high heels will cause the blood in the body to accrue to the legs, causing blood and hard to circulation, legs were swollen, damp and etc. Furthermore, the use of high heels also causes blood to circulate unevenly, altering blood pressure in the body and is one of the leading causes of hypertension in women.
5 Habits hard to give up
One study focused on women wearing high heels with 5 to 10 cm tall for two consecutive years with about five days of use a week. When asked, most women said they were accustomed to wearing high heels and could not give up the shoe. When slamming on low slippers, their steps are like stepping and feeling uncomfortable, except when wearing high heels. Moreover, when conducting magnetic resonance imaging of these people in two states when wearing high heels and shoes, scientists found that the brain signals exhibited higher equilibrium when they wore the high heel. This means that the habit of wearing high heels has caused the legs to deform and adapt to wearing high heels. As a result, when changing habits, the brain exhibits a loss of balance and less control.
We can not negate that wearing high heels will bring confident feeling for women especially short women, but you should know that if you bring the shoe a long time, it can have bad effects on your health. Therefore, in order to protect your health and make sure your beauty, you should wearing the high heels in a necessary situation only and don’t forget to bring flip flops to your office to change.

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