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Advise on toddler not accepting change

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So one of my twins is awful with change. He is the more mature twin, his speech is better and he is in general a very sensitive and loving boy, he is 2 years 8 months old. However, he has this thing about changing things, he can't handle it. When its time to upgrade shoes, or clothes, he goes into a meltdown, and it seems to be getting worse. Its time to change all the shoes, and he knows it, and he has already warned me that he won't tolerate the change, when I showed him the news shoes. At my inlaws he is still wearing a size 8 in slippers, when he has already worn 8.5 in our house since Christmas, and now will be wearing a size 9. All because he has a meltdown and my in laws give in to him at the first second of a cry or scream. I don't want a tantrum either, and its not exactly a tantrum. When I put on him a jumper a month back that he hadn't worn for ages and didn't remember, I had to take it off, because he cried so badly, and wouldn't even let me walk, hanging on to my leg and saying desperately "take it off mummy TAKE IT OFF please" as if it was burning him, and I'm not exaggerating. Because the jumper was almost too small for him anyway, I let it pass, as I try to choose my battles. But to he honest, it doesn't feel like a battle of wills, it feels like he has a genuine problem, more than a hissy. Any one have toddlers like this? Any ideas? DH keeps threatening to change his shoes, but I want to look into it before doing it, seeing if I can help him and cause the less pain X


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