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'Meet the Press' tracks Trump's flip

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“Meet the Press” on Sunday aired a video documenting GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump

'Meet the Press' tracks Trump's flip

MORE’s various changes of heart on campaign issues.

The clip — titled “Trump vs. Trump” — shows the New York business mogul shifting his stances on abortion, ObamaCare and even Hillary Clinton

'Meet the Press' tracks Trump's flip

MORE, his potential Democratic rival in 2016.

“One of the reasons Trump is breaking through this year though is because people feel they know where he stands,” says “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd in the video.

“But do they?” he asks. “We’ve been looking at his positions through the years, and it’s fair to say he’s evolved quite a few times on some key issues.”

“I think Hillary would be a terrible president. She was the worst secretary of State in the history of our nation,” Trump says in a CNN clip from last week.

“I think Hillary is a terrific woman,” Trump says in an earlier Fox News clip from 2012. “I just like her. I like her and her husband.”


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