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flops on Human Rights Watch ban after getting negative press

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Israel flip-flops on Human Rights Watch ban after getting negative press

The director of the Israel-Palestine branch of Human Rights Watch (HRW) was refused entry into Israel after waiting months for a work permit on the grounds that the investigative organization had a record of spreading, 'Palestinian propaganda'.

Omar Shakir, a Palestinian US citizen who had applied for the visa last July, posted the reasoning provided to HRW by the Israeli government for their denial of his entry:

People were quick to make connections between the recent decision and those of other governments notorious of human rights abuses:

Dave Geller @KllrDave

What do Cuba North Korea Sudan Uzbekistan Venezuela and #Israel have in common? They all banned Human Rights Watch

In this case, the above tweet was accurate; the Israeli government reversed the decision and invited Mr. Shakir to apply again after US Jewish human rights groups protested the move, according to The Times of Israel. Indeed, the Jewish state has a track record of making exceptions to the status quo if they get enough negative attention. At least these PR fumbles hint at a more realistic picture of what’s going on in Israel-Palestine.

Really disturbing that this hasn't gotten more press. Supressing human rights by not even letting monitors into the country is really sad. Comparisons to North Korea etc..

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lol, no it's fitting that it doesn't get more news. This sort of shit is on the same line as "Kim Jong Jr throws temper trantrum and threatens to nuke West!" it happens so often people expect it and Israel supporters call it fake news (and have for decades) and non-supporters just shake their again and say "Again?"

So of course it doesn't get more press.

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