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Judge allows bond for corrections officer accused of sexual misconduct

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Austin L. Miller @almillerosb

A state corrections officer arrested Wednesday for allegedly having sex with and kissing an inmate at work made his first appearance in front of a judge on Thursday.

Judge Sarah Ritterhoff Williams told a handcuffed David Dale that he could receive a sentence of up to five years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine for the charge of sexual misconduct, which is a third-degree felony.

Standing in front of a podium dressed in a red and white Marion County Jail top and bottom and wearing flip flops, Dale told the judge he has lived in Marion County since 1999 and was presently living with his girlfriend. According to his arrest report, Dale is divorced.

Therese Truelove, Dale’s lawyer, told the judge that her client has been fired by the state’s Department of Corrections, where he was an employee for a dozen years. Dale was a sergeant at Lowell Correctional Institution, the arrest report notes.

When asked about his future income by the judge, Dale told her he plans to reach out to friends to see if they could help him find a job.

An assistant state attorney told the judge that Dale has no prior criminal history.

Truelove asked the judge to release Dale on his own recognizance because of his position since he poses a security risk at the county jail as he has to be held separately from inmates.

Dale initially was being held on no bond. The judge gave Dale a $5,000 bond with special conditions of his release, including that he must not have any contact -- directly or indirectly -- with the inmate and if and when she is released, he should not go within 500 feet of where she works or lives.

It’s unknown when the inmate, whose name was not released by arresting officials, will be released. The state prosecutor also did not know when the inmate would be let go.

Dale’s next court date is March 14.

Reached by phone, Truelove said she wanted to make clear that her client was not charged with rape and the allegation made against him of sexual misconduct was just that, an allegation.

As for why he had no bond, the attorney said since the Office of the Inspector General made the arrest, at the conclusion of their investigation, there was no discretion of bond, hence the no bond order.

During the state’s investigation, the inmate told investigators she and Dale had been in a relationship for several months and had sex in the prison canteen on three or four occasions.

Another corrections officer at Lowell, located at 11120 NW Gainesville Road, north of Ocala, told investigators he saw Dale kissing the inmate in the canteen and told a colleague. The incident was then reported.

The inmate told investigators they had sex the day the official saw Dale kissing her.

Investigators collected clothing from the inmate and compared it with DNA from Dale, which matched. He was then arrested.

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