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Cleaner paid to scrub mens houses completely NAKED(2)

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Mens houses Completely paid naked

‘There is only stigma attached because someone attaches a stigma. If the client is happy and confident you feel like it is a normal thing and there is nothing to be concerned or nervous about.

‘I arrive clothed because as much as the client and I don’t have a problem with it, that’s not to say the neighbours don’t mind, and get undressed indoors.

‘Then we have a bit of chit chat, I do my jobs and then go. I have never felt uncomfortable but if I ever felt there was anything untoward I would be able to leave.’ 

The cleaning firm’s company director Laura Smith said it offers services to both male and female clients and employs both male and female cleaners.

The 32-year-old said since the company first hit the headlines earlier this month they have had hundreds of applicants.

Laura, from London, ran a domestic cleaning company before an unexpected inquiry from a local naturist gave her the idea to set up the business – and she now also enjoys attending nudist events.

She said: ‘I had never been a nudist myself but I had always been quite an open-minded person and I like to try new things.

‘One day a local naturist asked me to clean his house fully-clothed and was happy to pay extra to make me feel comfortable.

‘I went, and he was the best client I have ever had. He was very friendly and professional, I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable.

‘Now for the business to have taken off so well is a dream come true really.. No one else is doing this and it has been quite life-changing really.

‘The majority of clients are male practising naturists from the nudist community. They pay for this service so they can get someone who has the same views and the same beliefs. A lot of naturists keep this part of themselves from their families and friends, so it is nice to find someone who understands.

‘Our cleaners are from all walks of life and we are completely open in terms of age and body type, although we don’t like to take on people who are very young.

‘Our cleaners must never be open to offers or advances. Our terms which the clients must agree to state clearly that we do not offer anything else, and never to ask this of our cleaners.

‘Especially these days, when there is a full market of naughty adult services out there, we want to send out the right message. We want people to understand this is not sexual – we do not do anything else than just professional cleaning. There has to be mutual respect.’ 


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