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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers' dreams

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The taking off of the shoes is a significant symbol in dreams. (Paolo_Toffanin/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Lauren Lawrence

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, December 11, 2016, 2:34 PM


When I was thirteen, I dreamed I was older, dancing with JFK Jr. in a beautiful marble palace. The floors and walls were pristine. Jackie, his mother, was pacing frantically, saying she was making arrangements for our marriage. He took me to a room and had me sit on a stool and take off my shoes. When I looked down at my shoes I realized I was wearing a potato sack and became self-conscious. I wondered what he saw. Like in Cinderella, he carefully placed these glass slippers on my shoes. Please decode this dream.

Carmen Cruz, Lafayette, Oregon

ANALYSIS: In that rooms define the inner view of the individual, this wish-fulfillment dream reveals a grand, palatial sense of self: You are envisioned as beautiful and sought after, as one who is worthy of greatness. The taking off of the shoes is a significant symbol. On some level, you want to step in JFK’s shoes and live the high life. In this view, the potato sack of the exterior world is meaningless. What matters most is the inner self concept.


I dreamed I was on a boat dock looking at some sea otters. When I bent over to get a better view of them, a huge shark raised its head from under the water. I saw the huge mouth full of teeth. What does this mean?

Allison L., Manhattan, NY

ANALYSIS: Anything that comes from under the water reveals the wish to see what is beneath surface consciousness. In this view, the shark lurking below is the repressed unconscious material re-surfacing into the light of day. The mouth and the teeth signify that something must be chewed over to be understood. The symbol of bending is revelatory: It warns not to kowtow or acquiesce. Nothing good will come from stooping.

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