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Tiny Mix Tapes

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From the initial recorded sound of waves splashing softly on the beach to the raucous, swaying send off that closes Criminal’s Return, Emil Amos’ latest effort as Holy Sons meets, exceeds, and occasionally frustrates expectations. Oddly enough, that’s probably the exact reaction Amos anticipated when recording the album, his third of last year. In April, Amos released Drifter’s Sympathy, his collaboration with Japanese noise guru, Merzbow, and then in September, God is Good, his first studio album working with Al Cisneros from Om, hit the streets.

01. From Now On
02. Arranged Release
03. I’m Surrounded
04. Thorns
05. Fermenting Mind
06. Criminal’s Return Pt. I
07. Cruel + Unusual
08. Possession
09. Criminal’s Return Pt. II
10. Chemical Fire


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