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What if the Electoral College Votes for Hillary

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What College Electoral Hillary votes

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact requires sufficient states amounting to 270 electoral votes to sign up before it becomes effective. Right now, the 10 states plus DC that have signed up total 165 votes, and every one is blue!! NPV is now widely recognized as a blue state plot to circumvent the Electoral College in an attempt to avoid the need for a Constitutional amendment. Also, most of the biggest blue states (CA,NY,IL,MA, etc), have signed up already. Red states and purple battleground states will not sign up for NPV, so it will be next to impossible for NPV to reach the needed 270 votes. Even if they did, NPV is an interstate compact, and under Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution, approval of both houses of Congress is required for it to become effective. What are the chances of that with the Republicans now in Congressional control? Let me close by saying this: If abolishing the Electoral College was decided by Constitutional amendment, I would stand back and salute. But until that happens, forget about it!!


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