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Trump Transition Rep: Never Mind Wall Streets Past, Look Ahead!

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So the very first Congressman to endorse Donald Trump back in the primaries is now the House Liason to the Trump Transition, which apparently means speaking convincingly of full approval in whatever Trump wants. And when Rep. Chris Collins is questioned about Trump's total flip-flop on "draining the swamp" - actually hiring Goldman Sachs employees to run our economy again? Let's not look to the past, let's look to the future! 4% GDP growth! Perfect trade deals that make every American rich! Hooray!

ANDREA MITCHELL: New York Congressman Collins was the first member of the House, first member of Congress to support Donald Trump. Thank you very much. I don't think I've seen you in person at least since the convention. Good to see you. Thanks for joining us.

REP. CHRIS COLLINS: Good to be with you.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Let's talk about some of these hires. You come from Buffalo, a blue-collar area of upper New York State. What about Goldman Sachs, which was demonized by the Trump campaign during the general election campaign against Hillary Clinton. Now you see these Goldman Sachs millionaires and billionaires coming on board.

COLLINS: Well, I will say this, and I said this many months ago. Donald Trump is going to assemble the best cabinet I think we've ever seen a President assemble. He's already doing it. Certainly, there are those who want to pick at any one of these successful individuals who are with Donald Trump putting America first, so I have no qualms about bringing in an experienced person who knows how things work, who is signing on to the Donald Trump agenda of putting America first and making sure we have the jobs and the economy with 4% GDP. So, these individuals who do endorse that growth agenda of 4% GDP, tax policy is a big part of that, certainly trade is a huge part of that, I think he's assembling the best and brightest.

It's about tax cuts for billionaires. Got it.

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COLLINS: The fact that someone was successful, made a lot of money as an entrepreneur, private sector business guy, should be celebrated. These aren't folks coming in to be part of the revolving door of after they've served four years to go out the door and make a lot of money making speeches for being a lobbyist. I think it's healthy to bring in successful people who are doing this for the right reasons, not to line their own pockets. They don't need to do that. And I fully supported all of these appointment picks so far by the President. And I think you're hearing others as well. As you mentioned that weren't supportive of Trump saying, you know, he's doing a heck of a good job here.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, let me just play devil's advocate for a moment. There's a long tradition of Goldman Sachs executives that goes back decades in both political parties, when they make their money, the CEOs or top-ranking people coming out of Wall Street and believing in public service. The question is, the disconnect between the way Donald Trump campaigned as a populist and some of these people, Wilbur Ross making money on the mine, and Steve Mnuchin with the deals that he made with the bank as selling the mortgages, buying some of those mortgages and selling some of those mortgages after the collapse in '08. So, it's the way they made some of their money that does -- could not resonate with some Trump supporters in the rust belt, where he is today.

COLLINS: But it goes back to tomorrow's the day that matters. As long as these individuals believe in doing what we've got to do to get 4% GDP growth, and in doing that, you'll see wages increase because there's going to be demand for more labor and in that supply and demand chain, people are going to be paying more. There's going to be more jobs. As long as these individuals, and they do subscribe to putting America first and on the trade agenda, getting jobs back and making sure we hit our growth numbers, that is a Secretary of Commerce, that is a Secretary of the Treasury, that will be a Secretary of State that all play an integral role in these kind of issues. Sure, you could go back and find some transaction that maybe somebody didn't like but, you know, I think it's more important and I think America is looking into the future, as we should, and we're seeing a lot of people that didn't support Donald Trump now saying, Mr. President, Mr. President-elect, I'm here to serve to make sure this nation does become great again and we put America first. I'm not going to dwell in the past, Andrea. I think it's time to look forward and make sure these individuals subscribe to Donald Trump's vision. It's a vision for the middle class, for the working men and women, and as you called it, the symbolic victory with Carrier, with United Technology, is still a great start since it's 50 days before he takes the oath of office.

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