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An Internet War Broke Out Over the Color of These Flip Flops!

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Are you scarred for life from the infamous dress of February 2015? Does the thought of white and gold or black and blue make you cringe? Are you still blinking your eyes at that notorious photo hoping to see the colors your friends have seen but you have yet to?!

Well be prepared for that debate to return because it's back again - but this time with shoes. 

On Thursday afternoon,Twitter user @positivedemi posted the picture to his feed along with the question, "Que cor vocês tão vendo?," which translates to "What color do you see?." 

It turns out the simple closeup photo of a pair of flip flops is creating the same phenomenon as the iconic dress did back in 2015. One group of viewers sees gold and white, while others see black and blue. 

Two of you can be staring at the same exact photo, on the same screen and see two completely different colors. 

This same incident happened in 2015 when Tumblr user Swiked shared a photo of a black and blue dress that after she took it, she realized showed up as white and gold. But other family members saw the picture as black and blue. 

An Internet War Broke Out Over the Color of These Flip Flops!

Havaianas, the manufacturer behind the shoes, came out to publicly claim that the flip flops are in fact navy and blue. 

We noticed similarities with the two photos. With both photos, the color spectrum is relatively the same. For the most part the debate consists of two groups, one claiming white and gold while the other sees the original dark and blue. Both pictures are also extreme closeups of the items in question and there seems to be a similar tint or filter-like look to the photos.  If you see white and gold, it is pretty much the same white and gold for both the flip flops and the dress. 

While most people will go on believing that it is a crazy phenomenon and never know the truth, Wired.com cracked the case last year when the dress was making its rounds. The truth is that humans are wired to see an extremely wide range of color. But our brains are constantly trying to filter the different tones of light that emanate from the sun to see the true color of the object we are looking at.

So when the sun is midday and is more blue, your brain will filter out the blueish tones. But when the sun is setting and is more red or yellow, your brain will filter out the red or yellow color. 

That's what is essentially happening with the dress and the flip flops. They're both blue, but the way the picture is taken is tricking some of our brains into filtering out the blue as if it is sunlight while others' brains filter out the yellowish tones. Here is Wired.com's in depth explanation.


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