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No One Agrees On What Color These Flip Flops Are

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No One Agrees On What Color These Flip Flops Are

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Remember the dress that took over the internet in February 2015? Well, let me remind you…


The white and gold or blue and black dress.  I’m not sure anymore, and I don’t think anyone is either.  Just when we all were getting over The Dress, it’s back, but this time in flip-flop form!

A Twitter user uploaded a pair of Havaianas shoes earlier this week, and now the internet is back to flipping out over what color they really are.  Some think they are black and blue while others think that they are black and brown and some think they are black and blue. Personally, I remember seeing #thedress as white and gold, and when I got home later that day, it morphed into being black and blue.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Now, with these flip-flops.. I see white and gold all over again and it’s driving me flip-floppin’ CRAZY!!!

Turns out, that people view the picture in different ways depending on what side of the brain they are using.

Have a look at these flip flops and let me know what colors you see:


Here’s what they really look like under normal lighting:


Lets put this internet fiasco to rest.. we now know what color they truly are.

But, for fun, SHARE this with others and see what they have to say!  You may find out that they are using a different part of their brain as you ,foodwine

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