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Arizona electoral college members asked to not vote for Donald Trump

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Trump Asked Donald College Electoral

Clinton voters were certain she would be the best when it came to taking care of the middle class, sharing their values or caring about people like them. His style is like none other in the modern era, with historians claiming that Andrew Jackson's election of 1828 was the only close parallel to a President thumbing his nose at conventional mores and manners. Trump's victory was likewise not predicted.

That led to the Twelfth Amendment, requiring separate votes in the Electoral College for president and vice president.

Pollsters need to figure out what they are doing wrong, and fix the problems, or polls will continue to lose credibility with the public.

During his campaign stops for Hillary Clinton, President Obama liked to say that the choice can not be any clearer, and that as Americans "we are better than that", referring to the hate-filled campaign of Donald trump.

Ms Boxer introduced long-shot bill on Tuesday that calls for a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the Electoral College in U.S. presidential elections.

While Democrats picked up two seats in the United States Senate and about 10 (some races are still under recount) in the House of Representatives, the Republicans remain in solid control of both chambers of the legislature.

The day after the elections, President Vladimir Putin commented on the news of Trump's victory, saying that Russian Federation is ready and looks forward to restoring bilateral relations with the US. Obviously, this is not the most common occurrence, but, as it has transpired in two of the past five elections, concern for the system is understandable, especially from the losing side. If we are a government "of the people, by the people, for the people", we should count everyone's vote, and we should count them equally. Clinton received 47.85 percent, Trump at 43.68 percent, "other" was at 8.47 percent of Colorado's popular vote. Most citizens supported congressional candidates of their party.

Why then the surprise?

In one email, someone told Graham his "vote against Mr. Trump, a demagogue, would be the epitome of patriotism". Instead, it provides for undemocratic election results, which amount to unintentional vote rigging. The first is a national popular vote, which would more accurately reflect the will of the people but it would also abolish the Electoral College completely. But among the 18 percent of voters who viewed neither candidate favorably, Trump beat Clinton by a whopping 20 points-49 percent to 29 percent (with the remainder either voting for a third-party candidate or not answering).

Trump's flip-flops underscore how frustrating it is to keep the system the way it is-or change it. Because of President Obama's historic time in office, every future generation will be fortunate enough to see that any dream that we envision can be made a reality.

It is one thing to expect Americans to accept the fairness of the electoral process. She won the Hispanic vote, but by 3% less than he did. Harrison was defeated by Cleveland in a rematch four years later. A direct election for president did not sit well with most delegates from the slave states, which had large populations but far fewer eligible voters. As for the Founding Fathers' wisdom, they also denied women and African-Americans the right to vote, period. The Post reports that OFR staff are being bombarded with questions, rants, and much worse. But if he moderates his tone, acts presidential, works with respected leaders in Congress, we may be in for a period of changing policies, but not fundamental changes in how we are governed. In fact, Trump won Texas with about 450,000 fewer votes than Romney.

Adams was an unpopular president and lost to Jackson in a rematch four years later.


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