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Cannabis as medicine talk set for April 3

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Cannabis as medicine talk set for April 3

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Cannabis as medicine talk set for April 3

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Updated:   03/29/2019 06:32:54 AM EDT

FITCHBURG -- Representatives of Canna Care Docs will present a program at the Senior Center from 10:30 a.m.-noon on Wednesday, April 3, to provide information and answer questions about how to utilize cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs.

For more information, sign up at the Senior Center or call 978-829-1790.

Vigil for abused children April 1

FITCHBURG -- A vigil hosted by the Montachusett Opportunity Council, the Fitchburg Community Connections Coalition and Family Resource Centers will be held at 11 a.m., on Monday, April 1, at the Upper Common.

There will be a display of shoes representing children who died in 2018 as a result of abuse or neglect. There will also be a proclamation read during the service.

New phone system for Leominster

LEOMINSTER -- The city's new phone system, which was supposed to be switched on last Thursday, is now operational.

Starting today, residents needing assistance should dial 978-534-7500 and listen to the new options to get to their department of choice.

Some old phone numbers have been discontinued as part of this upgrade, so please update any stored telephone numbers you may have in your cellphones or directories. However, the numbers of departments operating outside City Hall will remain unchanged. They are: Police Department -- 978-534-7560 (non emergency); Fire Department -- 978-534-7541 (non emergency); Public Works -- 978-534-7588; Senior Center -- 978-534-7511; Veterans' Services -- 978-534-7538; Recreation -- 978-534-7529.


The city's administration appreciates resident's patience during this time.

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