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including in her presentation a plush toy dolphin. Phillip Clay said he wanted to be an athletic tr

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Coeburn Primary School third-graders making presentations on what they want to be when they grow up are, from left, Ben Blevins, the anesthesiologist; Karrah Marshall, the teacher; Hailey Mays, the pastry chef; Hannah Mays, the registered nurse; Dakota Clay, the marine biologist; and Phillip Clay, the athletic trainer.


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Coeburn Primary School third-grader Hannah Mays describes for the board the difference between a registered nurse and an R.N. who also has a bachelor's of science degree in nursing.


WISE — Coeburn Primary School was in the spotlight Tuesday as Principal Marsha Christian and teacher Brandy Jones described for Wise County School Board the important happenings at their school, but a group of CPS third-graders stole the show.

Another of the show-stoppers was a new community-led effort called the Secret Godparent Program, begun at the first of the year and now serving students in the three Coeburn schools. (See related story, Page 2.)


Since their focus is on college and career readiness, Christian told the board, that would be their theme for the night.

At school, they asked students what they wanted to do when they grew up. A group was then chosen to make their career presentations to the school board, in full costume. All were third-graders in the classes of teachers Missy Pannell and Carol Deel.

Dressed in scrubs, Ben Blevins told the board he wanted to be an anesthesiologist. Karrah Marshall talked about wanting to be a teacher. Hailey Mays, her face dusted with flour, said she wanted to be a pastry chef.

Hannah Mays said she wanted to be a registered nurse with a bachelor's of science degree in nursing, describing the difference for the board between an R.N. and an R.N., B.S.N.

Dakota Clay saw her career path as a marine biologist, including in her presentation a plush toy dolphin. Phillip Clay said he wanted to be an athletic trainer and ultimately wind up with the Chicago Cubs.

They concluded with questions to select school board members, quizzing District 3's Donnese Kern, a retired school nurse, about her education, and District 4's Mark Raymond, a dentist, about whether he goes to the dentist himself.

They asked Chair Larry Greear, a retired school principal, what is the most important job of a principal. To keep your children and your staff safe, he told them.

Jones told the board that when the children themselves were asked questions by classmates in school, one reoccurring query was about how long they might be in that career. The most common answer, she said with a chuckle, was about a year.

Several board members commented on how eloquent the children were and how seemingly undaunted they were by standing and speaking in public.


Principal Christian opened the school presentation, listing the many activities at the school. The opening Back to School Bash provided students with things like free haircuts, supplies, food, clothes and shoes.

They do monthly Bingo for Books, which helps students go home with books to build a library of their own.

They painted rocks on Grandparents Day, had homecoming events to support the Eastside Spartans, did a Spooky Math and Science Night during October and served more than 800 Thanksgiving dinners.

Christian also noted their daily hard work on attendance as well, deploying the divisions' Strive for 5 campaign and providing incentives every week.


Board recognizes Eagle Scout, Dark Skies project

Board recognizes Eagle Scout, Dark Skies project

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