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What having the hospital means

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As the Human Resource Director at Hiawatha Community Hospital it would be easy for me to talk about the 245-plus jobs the hospital brings to the community; The millions of dollars in wages and hundreds of thousands spent towards employee benefits that give families access to insurance, puts food on their tables, roofs over their heads, pays for college tuition, and dance classes and soccer league. And while all those things are meaningful and important, they pale in comparison to what my community hospital really means to me.

It means being a part of something bigger than myself.

It means working as a team to find creative ways to keep your organization viable so you can continue to care for your community, while weathering the storm as many rural hospitals across the nation close their doors.

It means embracing one of the strongest nurses I know following a devastating trauma that took one of our own as she whispers through the tears “I tried”; and being humbled that after over 35 years of nursing she’s still impacted to the point of tears.

It means leaders who respond to their teams at all hours – no matter what.

It means physicians who stay for 20-plus years to care for generations of the same families.

It means celebrating in the joy and excitement of my own newborn babies, and the newborns of so many of my family and friends, appreciating the ability to do so close to home.

It means sharing in the grief, pain and sorrows of losing a loved one, family member, neighbor or friend while at the same time taking pride in the fact you were able to bring dignity, peace, and moments of comfort to their final hours.

It means friends and neighbors who are able to receive their chemotherapy or infusion treatments at “just a rural hospital” rather than facing the exhaustive and lengthy drive to the city.

It means providing patient transportation to ensure an elderly patient can make it to their appointments to receive the care they need when they need it.

It means rallying behind your coworkers when personal tragedy strikes, and knowing you have an unshakeable support system if the shoe were ever on the other foot.

It means connecting the mother of a sick child with the resources she needs, allowing her to focus on the things that really matter.

It means creating proactive preventative health programs to help patients with pre-diabetes beat the odds.

It means an athlete who can have an MRI on the spot or a patient who can have an echo right away.

Hiawatha Community Hospital – My community hospital. It means logging the hours, pouring in the blood, sweat, and tears. It means leaving it all out on the table all in the name of providing the best quality healthcare we can to our community.

It means Family. It means Support. It means Quality care. It means Compassion. It means Home.


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