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personal loan debts)(2)

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Video games may help ageing pooches stay mentally nimble

Video games may help ageing pooches stay mentally nimble

#7 A Book You Always Wanted To Read

No one should ever be discouraged from reading. This applies to both children as well as adults.

As we grow older, many of us may find ourselves having less time to read. However, reading is important. It expands our knowledge and gives us new information in areas that we are interested in.

You can form a reading habit in 2019 by first picking up books on topics that you are interested in. This can range from finance, food, travel, history, fitness or even religion.

Choose the right books by checking out reviews from other readers. Most e-commerce companies such as Amazon provide ratings and reviews for the books they sell. Checking this out reduces the chances of you picking up a dud.

#8 Sports Subscription

Sports team can sometimes be seen as an extension of one's self. Though 99.99 per cent of people who watch popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, boxing and golf have no tangible stake in the outcome of their favourite sports teams or players, they sometimes behave and even prepare as if they are vested in the outcome.

Few things in life can be worse than fervently supporting your favourite team and/or player, only to be at the mercy of the speed of the illegal website you are steaming the game from.

Do yourself a favour and pay for a legal subscription, your time (and support) is worth far more than the subscription which you are paying for.

#9 Learning A New Skill

Remember that awesome feeling of accomplishment you used to have when you are young and learned something new? If you, like us, can no longer recall that feeling, then it is time to get back to learning (and trying) new things in life and to rekindle the spirit of constant learning.

It can be anything. You can learn how to swim, scuba dive, cycle, get your driving license or even pick up a new language (Mark Zuckerberg learnt Mandarin). The point is to get started on learning and to stop procrastinating.

#10 A Comfortable Bed

If you are spending 1/3 of your life in bed, there is no reason why you shouldn't be getting one that is up to your satisfaction. A comfortable bed allows you to recharge your energy at the end of each day so that you will start the next day refreshed.

#11 New Pillows

A good bed can only do so much on its own. To further improve the quality of your valuable sleep, consider getting new (and better) pillows.

Think of it this way, if you are already starved for time each day trying to get as much sleep as possible, would you really want to cheap out on spending on your pillow?

Category C: Better Financial Decisions

#12 Clear Debt

If there are debts that you currently owe (e.g. credit card debts, personal loan debts), clearing them as quickly as possible would give you a peace of mind in 2019.

This not only allows you to live life debt-free but would also help you to save more money in the long run (due to reduced interest).

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 personal loan debts)

'How I managed to amass $750k before the age of 35'

#13 Invest In A Good Company

When we talk about splurging on a good company, what we are referring to is buying its stock and becoming a shareholder of the company.

Most people's primary reason for buying a stock is to see its stock prices increase. Aside from that, however, there are other good reasons to purchase the stock of a good company. Some companies provide consistent dividends on their shares so you can enjoy passive income on a regular basis.

#14 Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important things a person needs. When you buy the right health insurance policies, it protects you and your family against the unexpected cost of falling ill or getting into an accident, and a peace of mind knowing that your bills will be covered if it happens.

Category D: For Families

#15 A Family Holiday

A holiday is going to cost you but it also gives you fresh perspectives in life. It makes you realise how fortunate you are to have a job, education and clean water in Singapore, among many other things.

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