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Spending is a necessary part of living. When we spend, it helps stimulate our economy. At the same time, spending your money the right way can also be meaningful as well.

Spending money the right way means buying what we want (and can afford), instead of buying something just because we see people around us having it, which leads to the vicious cycle of comparing and could make us unhappy.

By spending money on what we truly want, we will be able to enjoy the full value of an item that we appreciate.

For 2019, we are recommending 19 purchases that you can consider putting near the top of your shopping list. If you see something that you always wanted on this list, proceed without feeling the guilt of spending - as long as you can afford it.

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Category A: For Office Workers

#1 New Clothes

Like it or not, we are judged by our appearance and this means the clothes we wear matters, whether it's at a job interview, a date with a girl or just taking a random stroll down Orchard Road (do people still do that?).

Even if none of the above are things you are likely to do, wearing nice clothes that fit you well can give you the confidence you need, or at least, get you motivated to wake up early to dress up for work.

And that reason alone is worth shelling out money to buy new clothes.

If you are shopping online, consider installing the RateX browser. It's free and helps you save money on foreign exchange rate when shopping at overseas e-commerce platforms such as Asos, Expedia, eBay and Lazada.

#2 The Right Sports Shoes

We cringe every time we see people working out at the gym without wearing appropriate footwear.

Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to injuries - which is a silly risk for working adults to be taking - just because they refused to spend $80 for the right shoes.

If you are lifting weights regularly, consider buying a weightlifting shoe, rather than using a run-of-the-mill sports shoes that were designed for running. Likewise, if you are playing football regularly with your colleagues, consider buying a football boot.

This will not only help you perform better, but also allows your own running shoes to last a longer period of time, which ironically, would help you save money.

#3 A Gym Membership

Gone are your university days where you had all the time in the world to work out in school or in public gyms, and when you could choose to go during off-peak timings, where there will be lesser people competing with you for the cardio machines and weights.

The sheer volume of people at the public gym during weekday evenings can be discouraging - even among the most motivated office athletes around us.

To ensure you don't miss a scheduled workout, consider paying a monthly subscription for a private commercial gym which is near either your office or your home. This gives you the best chance of sticking to your workout schedule.

#4 A Flu Vaccine

If you are working in an air-conditioned office with many other colleagues, chances of you falling ill when someone else is sick is relatively high.

To protect yourself, consider taking a flu vaccination. This cost only between $20-$30 and it helps in keeping you, your family and colleagues protected against the risk of falling sick frequently (and unnecessarily).

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#5 A Good Office Chair

Most Singaporeans spend at least 8 hours a day in the office. This should be enough reason to justify an office chair which is comfortable for you. If HR refuses to buy you a new chair, get it yourself. A few hundred dollars and a bad HR department is not a good enough reason to let your back endure the aches each day.

Category B: To Help You Relax

#6 Your Favourite Video Game

All of us need to find ways to relax and playing video games is one good way you can de-stress.

Contrary to what your parents may have told you growing up, playing video games are not a complete waste of time. It keeps your mind active and allows you to be distracted by something else, as compared to constantly worrying about your work, your boss or other problems you have in life.

Video games also improve your coordination, concentration, memory and even your problem-solving skills. And unlike drinking, smoking, gambling and doing drugs (which is illegal), it's also cheaper and healthier.

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