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a dog ran onto the pitch and then saved a goal with the keeper out of his net. Honestly

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Harry Hornet Saving

Sport always provides us with a rich tapestry of both pantomime heroes and villains and this year has been no different. 
A dog literally ran on the pitch and saved a goal in Argentina, Michy Batshuayi kicked the ball into his own face and 'Slabhead' lit up the World Cup. 
With 2018 drawing to a close, these are the characters that enthralled and infuriated Sportsmail over the last 12 months. 
Paul Parker 
We've all watched football, right? The goals are the good part, really. Paul Parker has either seen so much football that he doesn't enjoy it any more or - judging by his deadpan reaction of 'they've just scored' on Sky Sports News when Arsenal bagged against Ostersunds - he's cottoned on to the utter futility of it all. Fair play either way.
Our favourite Soccer Special moment this season! Take it away Paul Parker… never has there been less of a deal made about a goal ?? pic.twitter.com/atsiIvmUXS
— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) May 16, 2018
The West Brom boiler man
Product placement is bad, they say. There's laws against it and everything. Those spoil sports have clearly never seen an adult having to dress as a boiler and dance around the Hawthorns. 
This mascot was introduced at the start of this season, a big welcome to the Championship for the Baggies. 'What do you do, mate?', he gets asked at Christmas drinks with his mates and some acquaintances. 'I'm the boiler man at West Brom,' he replies, shining like the star he is.
Mark Goldbridge
No one is entirely sure whether Mark Goldbridge, the internet football fan's answer to Alan Partridge, is a Manchester United fan or not, but if this is a performance piece - a man slowly losing his mind as Phil Jones slide tackles in 20 yard own goals - then it is Oscar worthy. 
He live streams United's games on YouTube
, providing his own hilarious commentary. The only fear now is that his talents are wasted by a competent United manager.
Batshuayi kicking the ball at his own face
Ah, Michy Batshuayi. At some point a few years ago he stopped being a footballer and became the wacky neighbour in a sitcom from the 1980s. 
At the World Cup, he decided to provide a moment of slapstick hilarity when he slammed the ball into the post and back into his own face to celebrate a goal. Well, that's one way to do it.
Callum Paterson
Unless you're a dedicated watcher of Cardiff, you might have missed Scotland right back Callum Paterson turning into a weirdly effective striker, growing a rascal moustache and dancing to his heart's content whenever he scores. 
He's the Premier League's true star and deserves a reality show of some sort. Keeping up with the Patersons?
The dog who saved a goal in Argentina
There was once a film franchise about a dog who played football. It turns out that, much like those strange people at your uni who played Quidditch, there's nothing the real world can't co-opt from Hollywood. 
In the Argentinian third tier, a dog ran onto the pitch and then saved a goal with the keeper out of his net. Honestly, this doesn't need any more description than that.
Jose Mourinho's cleaner
Jose Mourinho spent the last six months of his time at Manchester United acting like a petulant teenager, and we've all seen what a teenager's bedroom looks like. 
Someone had to go into his hotel room every day for over two years and clean it up, and presumably occasionally wake Jose up to tell him he had to go in and deal with Paul Pogba. They're a true hero.
Marcelo Bielsa's translator
Like the rest of Marcelo Bielsa's coaching staff, he pitches up wherever the boss decides to manage next. Yet Bielsa's translator is also a professor at the Sorbonne, which is a pretty big-deal university in France.
That means Salim Lamrani, expert in Cuban-American relations, is currently spending his time in Leeds. Without him, Kemar Roofe would have no clue what he's meant to do. Not unless Bielsa speaks more English than he's letting on...
That lad who tried the ridiculous throw-in at the World Cup
You've been working on it for years. The roly-poly throw-in is your trademark. Your team need a last-minute goal to stay in the World Cup and there's only one way you know you can make it happen. 
And then you mess it up entirely, having to revert to more conventional means. At least Milad Mohammadi made sure to shoot his shot as Iran tried to rescue their World Cup tie with Portugal. It is better to try and fail than never try at all.
It was the last roll of the dice for Iran.. .but no-one expected a roll like this! pic.twitter.com/yY0lCd070O
— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) June 21, 2018
The greatest moment of the World Cup was not Kieran Trippier's free-kick against Croatia. It was not even England winning a penalty shoot-out. 
No, the best incident was when Jamie Vardy approached Harry Maguire at a press conference, pretended to be a journalist and said: 'It's Jamie Vardy from the Vardy Express, how big is the diameter of your head?'. Slabhead was the hero we all needed.
The man who accosted Leigh Griffiths in a car park to tell him the world was flat
'Have you ever seen bendy water?', starts the most baffling video on YouTube. Leigh Griffiths is sat in his car being talked to by a man in the Celtic car park about why the earth is flat. 
The problem is, by the end, he seems to have been won over - or at least willing to check out a YouTube channel. Listen, Griffiths needs to be thinking about scoring goals. Don't freak him out like this.
The Brighton fans who wear seagull masks
I'm not scared of birds but some people are. And imagine them sat at home, watching their favourite team (maybe Brighton, or the team facing Brighton - there's a lot of scope for this scenario) only to find themselves confronted by a human being with a bird head in the stands. Please stop doing this Brighton fans. It's terrifying.
Scott McTominay
At some point, someone decided it was a good idea to have someone kneel behind the wall in case an opponent hit his free-kick under it. 
Scott McTominay, a six foot four beast of a 21-year-old, fulfilled that role against Southampton. So what did Cedric Soares do? Ping it in the top corner. Smooth move, Scott. And, probably by extension, Jose.
People who had an issue with the 'It's coming home!' talk
If England lifted the World Cup in Russia, there would still have been people in the country who didn't actually think it was coming home. The joke, just to clarify one last time, is that it was never going to come home. 
It being the World Cup, and home being England. It's ironic. That's the point. Listen Croatia, can you hear me? It's a joke. Luka - joke. Dejan - joke. Please stop caring.
Manchester City's clothing supplier (and Pep Guardiola)
At some point, a designer of horrific clothing decided to stuff City's players into shorts and long socks with smart shoes. Yes, smart shoes. And they made them turn up to a friendly dressed like that. 
The bizarre look was completed with black t-shirts with white type that read 'Manchester City'. 
Honestly, these are some of the best footballers in the world. I almost have to commend City for subjecting them to it. And given Pep Guardiola is a particular fan of this fashion designer, we're pointing the finger at him.
The cow that injured the Queen of the South keeper
'A Scottish Championship club is facing a selection headache after its reserve goalkeeper was hit by a runaway cow,' reads the top line of the BBC
 news story. 
To repeat, they faced a selection headache due to a runaway cow. It's like there's something in the water in Scottish football every so often.. This time, third choice keeper Sam Henderson, recently promoted to the bench, hurt his shoulder in an incident on a farm. Because of a runaway cow.
The St Mirren fan with a terrible understanding of fireworks
Your club has just won the Scottish Championship. You have fireworks but an apparent rudimentary knowledge of how they work. Maybe let someone else light them? 
Not this St. Mirren fan. He was caught letting them off, standing there and then getting hit by them. And then rolling down a hill as the team went by on their open top bus. Scottish football, eh?
Referee in World Cup final
Nestor Pitana did not have the easiest World Cup final. He clearly did not went to mess up a penalty decision. 
But the way he checked, checked and checked again when the video replay clearly showed France deserved a penalty just reflected badly on him. Still, he's famous for having quite large biceps so I'm not going to criticise him too much.
Harry the Hornet
I've previously referred to Harry the Hornet as among the finest characters in the Premier League. He was a great rattler of away fans. 
This season, though, when he ended up in the centre of a storm around Wilfried Zaha, he unmasked and announced he would be leaving his position. He was absolutely hilarious and this is a villainous blow to my enjoyment of Vicarage Road.
Anyone who takes a sign asking for a player's shirt to a game
As a general rule, it's not a good idea to have a go at children. But here I am, having a go at children. Those kids who take the signs to football games asking for player's shirts are the worst, aren't they? 
Maybe it's the sneaking suspicion that it's actually their parents putting them up to it. You know what though? Tell your dad no, kid who suspiciously wants a Danny Williams shirt.


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