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soled shoes and rubber tires provide protection from lightning

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Rubber Soled protection From lightning

Maybe, maybe not. Rubber shoes (such as rubber boots) can help prevent electrocution because rubber has a high resistance to the flow of electricity. Electricity needs a path to the ground, so if it can't get through your feet, then you won't be electrocuted. However, it's important to note that while rubber has a very high impedance, this doesn't mean it's invincible to electricity. Lightning carries an extremely high voltage. High-voltage electricity can arc - jump from one place to another. If, for example, you're standing near a grounded object and you're struck by lightning while wearing rubber boots, the lightning could strike you and then arc to the nearby object, thus electrocuting you. If someone has been electrocuted by an electrical outlet and you need to pull them away from the source, you could use rubber boots while standing on a newspaper and then use a wooden pole to push them away from the outlet before attempting rescue and resuscitation. However, if you're outside in a lightning storm, rubber boots or no, it's best to get into a safe structure and get out of the open. (MORE)


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