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they are not recommended (if worn

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In 1980, CAP generated a document that said laboratory employee shoes must adequately cover the foot – not be made of canvas or be sandals or sneakers or open toed.

CLSI document GP17-A2 states:

Shoes should be comfortable, rubber-soled, and cover the entire foot. Disposable, fluid-resistant shoe covers can be worn for jobs where splashing is expected. Because canvas shoes will absorb chemicals or infectious fluids, they are not recommended (if worn, they should be covered with disposable, fluid-resistant shoe covers). Leather or a synthetic, fluid-impermeable material is suggested.”

The committee that worked on GP17-A2 was made up of physicians and representatives of both CAP and CLSI. The document was also crafted to meet ISO 15190 requirements for medical laboratories.

I can’t speak for the whole facility, but these are the requirements for lab employees. Crocs do not cover the entire foot therefore they are not allowed in the lab.


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