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TChalla intends to silence Erik permanently. In front of the entire royal family

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In the hidden kingdom of Wakanda, we are told the Wakandans prospered due to their discovery of an enormous meteorite comprised of Vibranium. As the story unfolds, only then do we see who truly benefits from the rare material: the all-powerful royal family. The title character, T’Challa, ascends to the throne following a violent rite of passage, clearly a show of power and intimidation tool used to instill fear in the subjugated tribal communities. After consuming various subtances, T’Challa gains the powers of the ‘Black Panther’ yet he selfishly does not share it with his fellow countrymen. And that shall be a metaphor of the greater story, the greed of Wakanda: their self-imposed isolation and refusal to share their advanced technology and vast resources which could improve the lives of billions of people.

The conflict of the story involves an idealistic young thinker, Erik, unfairly slandered as ‘Killmonger’ by the propaganda ministers of T’Challa’s regime. Erik strongly believes that Wakanda ought to emerge from the shadows and use its power to bring about world peace and alleviate the impoverished classes. Growing up in early 90’s Oakland has shown Erik how difficult life can be, even in a developed nation such as our own. Predictably, the insecure dictator T’Challa sees Erik as a threat to his position as supreme leader. Instead of embracing Erik as his cousin, as it is revealed they are related, T’Challa intends to silence Erik permanently. In front of the entire royal family, T’Challa baits Erik into challenging his power in combat: the same violent ritual we saw earlier in the film. Unfortunately for T’Challa, Erik is a disciplined athlete who wins without the assistance of questionable performance enhancers. Erik even spares T’Challa’s life, gently sending him safely down a short waterfall. Certainly T’Challa would not been as merciful.

Erik, now in charge, uses his power to give a greater voice to the local tribal leaders. He also does away with the practice of violent rituals to select leadership, and orders his guards to burn down the underground drug lab. In addition to these progressive changes, Erik orders Wakanda to begin normalizing trade relations and immediately sends air shipments of precious Vibranium to allied nations. T’Challa and his bitter family members regroup on the outskirts of Wakanda, where they swindle one of the more isolated tribal leaders using empty promises. T’Challa returns to overthrow Erik, despite being the legitimate head of state supported by the people, attacking him and causing massive violence between tribal leaders and those loyal to the ousted regime. In the end, T’Challa murders Erik after cruelly showing Erik the beautiful Wakandan sunrise, as if to taunt Erik’s fate to never see the bright future he envisioned. T’Challa orders the Vibranium shipments destroyed, the pilots killed, and reinstates his brutal iron-fisted rule.

In a twist of public relations, T’Challa feigns openness at the United Nations yet when questioned about Wakanda’s resources, he remains silent in keeping with isolation policies of previous regimes. Revealing T’Challa’s true plans for mankind, we see a Wakandan warship flying above the heads of innocent children as T’Challa looks on from nearby enjoying the horrified gasps. One can only wonder how different the ending could be, if only Erik had retained power and instead of sinister military aircraft, he had brought the miracles of Wakandan medicine and technology to all of those in need.

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