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If These Walls Could Talk: It doesnt have to be a ruff life

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For most of us owning a dog is more than just having a pet. Many times, these loving furry creatures become a part of the family.

In the U.S more than 72 million dogs live amongst us and our families. The pet supply business is booming with billions of dollars spent annually. My family and I have a very cute Jack Russell named Kelly. She brings us endless joy and is always happy to see me no matter the day or time. Learning how to help our pet’s co-habitat with us in a way that allows for their comfort but does not make us feel we are living in a kennel can be a bit of a challenge.

Recently, Michelle H. came to Second 2 None Consignments looking for a way to house her dog’s beds. She has two medium size dogs and could not figure out how to get a look that was esthetically pleasing while getting the sometimes-unsightly dog beds off the floor.

Of course, the solution to this depends on the space you have, the size and number of dogs as well as your pet’s needs and purpose for the space.

In Michelle’s case, we decided that taking a side board with doors on the bottom and drawers on the top would be a good start. She has a mud room that leads from the kitchen to the garage. This is also the door that most guests enter from. She wanted a piece that could house her dog beds as well as pet supplies. The doors on the sideboard could easily be removed. The piece could be painted and the beds placed inside each cubby. The drawers were a perfect place for leashes, dog brushes and toys. The top was just right for baskets to house keys, mittens, gloves and scarves.

If your space is smaller and you are looking for a fun way to conceal a doggie bed, I say try a trunk. Place the trunk on the back side so the door is lying flat on the ground and the inside of the box is exposed. You can spray a none-toxic glue and line the trunk with fabric. Be sure to use locking hinges and always remove locks and latches from all trunks and hope chests. Secure this to a wall. Place a matching doggie bed inside. If you are having guests over simply close the empty trunk. Kind of a Murphy Bed for your furry friend.

Another thought is to take a hope chest and do the same thing. This is a great idea for larger dogs or maybe two close buddies. Finding family-friendly ways to conceal food, toys and leashes can sometimes be a bit tricky. Using a tall wooden vegetable bin for dry dog food can be helpful especially if you are buying large quantities of dry food. I suggest keeping it near the dog’s dish, include a large scoop and no one is the wiser.

There are a multitude of dog bowls on the market. I do however like using things that are not so typical. Using colorful mixing bowls or even painted flower pots can make the little lovelies food area a bit more appealing. I also like putting a shoe tray under the bowls for easy clean-up.

As far as pet toys I think a low basket or wooden box with a lid works well. Place the lid under the basket or box. It allows the pet to reach its favorite chew toys and gives you a spot to conceal all their favorite things when play time is over.

If you walk your dog regularly I suggest keeping the dog leash, an umbrella, doggie bags and your favorite slip on shoes by the door. Simply hang a hook or two and a shoe tray by the exit. Stay in the habit of putting these items back as soon as you get in. It saves you the headache of searching for the items and if your doggie is anything like my Kelly, when it’s time, it’s time!

We all love our pets but with most things in life, we must find a balance and compromise. It is important to understand your house is your place of refuge and when your pet begins to take over it can make for an unsettling existence. Try a few simple steps that might make that relationship an even happier, healthier one.

If you have any questions, dilemma’s or epiphanies send them to: asklisa@second2noneconsignments.com

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Lisa Alzaim-Wrin is owner of Second 2 None Consignments in Pembroke.


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