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Running With Horses: If These Shoes Could Talk ........

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Running With Horses: If These Shoes Could Talk ........

I was working through my year-end closet cleanup activity recently when a glimpse of the shoe rack caused me to pause.  My trusted running buddies were all lined up and uncovered, (note, I did say it was a cleanup), in a way that almost seemed perfectly set for an inspirational poster or photograph.  This observation gave way to a few thoughts:

1) Before me, sat almost 2,500 completed miles since my all-time favorite, the solid blue Adrenalines (far left) were purchased in Feb 2010. 

2) This current collection has not only logged the above mileage, but has moved me across two marathon finish lines, through at least two dozen race events, down numerous off-road trails, and along a 37 mile endurance run. 

3) "Man, I really do wear down the outside heels of my shoes!"

4) The funny part is that I only have to throw in a couple pair of dress shoes, hiking boots and some sandals, and you have my entire shoe collection.

Alright, enough reflecting, time to get started on organizing the garage.  But I do know that soon it will be time to rotate the shoes. One pair to Brazil, one pair to yard work and a new pair of Adrenalines will enter into the mix in order to that I might wear down its outside heel and work it over for 500 miles or so!  


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