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Randolph sailor aboard the USS Fitzgerald surprised by hometowns generosity

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Randolph sailor aboard Fitzgerald surprised

Zane Razzaq The Patriot Ledger

RANDOLPH – Thanh Nguyen is in Japan right now, but he’s feeling the love from his hometown, Randolph.

Nguyen was one of the more than 200 sailors who were aboard the destroyer USS Fitzgerald when it collided with a with a Philippine-flagged container ship four times its size off the east coast of Japan. The crash ripped the Fitzgerald’s hull open, allowing water to flow in. Seven sailors have been declared dead in the crash.

After hearing a Randolph native was among the survivors, former Randolph school committee member Sharon Swain organized a clothing drive in support of the sailors. Residents can drop donations off at the Turner Free Library at 2 North Main St., Randolph.

Nguyen, a 2008 graduate from Randolph High School, said he was taken aback by the news.

“I was very surprised because I never shared the fact that I joined the Navy with the community outside my circle of immediate friends and family from home,” Nguyen said. “I’m just very proud that my hometown is generous in offering their help.”

Nguyen, who works as a technician from the Navy, said that there were people living in his barracks room that lost everything they owned due to the flooding.

“They’re extremely reluctant to ask for help because we’re used to relying on ourselves to get by,” said Nguyen. “But any bit of help is greatly appreciated because after repurchasing uniform items and other personal goods, they’re quite broke right now.”

Nguyen named items such as snacks, toiletries, phone chargers, shoes, socks, and underwear as some of the things Navy members need.

“People have really lost everything,” said Nguyen. “So aside from basic necessities which have been provided from each other, this is what they are truly lacking.”

Nguyen said he couldn’t talk about the collision because it is still under investigation by the Navy.

The collision occurred about 2:20 a.m. last Saturday, when the Navy said most of the 300 sailors on board would have been sleeping.


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