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BND readers sound off in Belleville News

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Trump sending in troops

Everybody is criticizing President Trump for threatening to send in troops to Chicago. It may not be “the solution,” but at least he has the desire and nerve to address the problem. All of these other legislators are either afraid or just don’t care about all the people, including children, who are losing their lives in the inner cities. One legislator said that sending in the troops will make things worse, but how does he know that? He sounds to me like someone who wants the killings to continue.

Invest in new shoes

To all the marchers who are protesting the new immigration policy, I suggest that you all go to the nearest shoe store and buy several pairs of comfortable shoes. Under this new administration, it looks like you’re going to be marching 365 days a year.

How soon they forget

During Donald Trump’s run for president, his actions and words made it clear how he felt about women. I wonder how many of the current female protesters voted for him.

Sales tax not needed

Don’t be fooled by the noble reasons being paraded around for the sales tax increase. The money was already there in the ridiculous property taxes that we pay, but it was used to benefit government employees. This sales tax will allow the people in power to feather their financial nest even further and continue the state’s slide towards bankruptcy.

Restrictions on sales tax spending

What is to prevent Kern from using the money from the new sales tax to spend it on whatever he wants? Is there anything written in the law that prevents that or designates exactly where the money is to go?

Highest tax rate in U.S.

There will be two referendums on April’s ballot for sales tax increases. If both of these pass, Belleville will have the second highest tax rate in the country. If only one passes, Belleville will have the sixth highest tax rate in the country. If you consider enterprise zones that add an additional one percent, with these increases, Belleville will have the highest sales tax rate in the country, not the state, the country. Enough is enough.

Fleeing high taxes

Dear Sen. James Clayborne, I recently bought a condo in Missouri and the taxes are incredibly low. I did that in anticipation of you and your cronies raising our taxes. A ‘For Sale’ sign will hit my front yard the day this bill passes.

Positive side of sales tax

Supposedly, the new county sales tax will not be used for the MidAmerica airport. This should free some of the county taxes for other uses.

Property tax freeze worthless

Throw the two-year freeze on local property taxes in the trash. The new means of getting money will be via the sales tax.

Swansea vs. Belleville spending

Swansea spent $300,000 total on their brand new village hall. Belleville is spending $20.6 million dollars on the renovated city hall. Belleville must be flush with cash.

Schools TIFs controlled by Belleville

Joe English, what do you have to say about the fact that Belleville has siphoned off property tax dollars intended for SWIC, St. Clair County and District 201 for 30 years and had TIFs extended for another 20 years, give or take, to siphon more? Local boards are left without a voice as Mayor Eckert and aldermen control their TIFs. The school districts are at the mercy of the city.

Spivey building tip of the iceberg

Why was the Spivey building singled out for an editorial for the paper for its bad condition? The whole city is in such poor condition that it could be bulldozed into the river. An audit needs to be done to find out where the money that East St. Louis could use to demolish these buildings is going.

Immigration policy is common sense

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin seems to object to the way that President Donald Trump is working to secure our borders and to prevent a future terrorist attack. Sen. Durbin seems to believe in no borders whatsoever. Does he leave his front door unlocked so that anyone can come in who wants to?

Support for immigration policy

I support President Trump. I don’t want illegal immigrants coming into the country because it could be dangerous. They’re welcome if they enter the country legally.

Swansea officials unreachable

I live in the Bristol Hills division in Swansea. I called the mayor about the drainage issues in our neighborhood but I was sent to the village administrator instead. When I said that I wanted to talk to the mayor, the administrator said I could not speak to the mayor but that I could put my name on the agenda and speak at the village meeting. This is unacceptable. Since when do elected officials not speak to their constituents?

Veteran support by federal government

I am 100 percent behind supporting veterans who are injured in the line of duty, however I believe that this should be a federal responsibility, not a county one. Local government should work with the federal government to ensure that these veterans receive the appropriate funding.

Starbucks should hire locally

I wish Starbucks would hire all of the people who are out of jobs around here.

Kudos to Althoff team

Congratulations to the Althoff basketball team for good sportsmanship and the win last week. I hope Jordan Goodwin’s shoulder heals quickly.

Soccer stadium in St. Louis

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