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Top Nordic Countries for Study Abroad

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Study Abroad Nordic Countries

What’s that you say? The cold never bothered you anyway? Or nothing bothers you at all, ever? Either way, you’ll fit right into the cool climate and cheery population of the Nordic countries, making any one of them perfect for your study abroad adventure.

Let it Go While Studying Abroad in One of These Nordic Countries

Here’s your chance to bundle up in a thick winter jacket for a midnight trek to see the northern lights, followed by a fire in the wee morning hours to warm up with hot chocolate. Umm, AMAZING! Don’t let monikers like “Iceland” and “polar night” fool you though – you won’t have to wear thermal underwear year round. There will still be plenty of sunshine, warm(er) days, and rain that doesn’t freeze over.

From historical tales of vikings to modern-day advancements in sustainability and technology, with vast mountains and lakes to quaint towns and big cities, the Nordic countries offer a range of experiences and explorations to choose from. Combine that with the high quality of education, excellent Nordic universities, top-notch and accessible professors, and a progressive learning environment, and you have a region to study abroad in that makes many say “yes, please!”

So, how do you choose between Norway and Finland? Or, even Sweden or Denmark, for that matter? Read on to see what kind of study abroad programs are available in the Nordic countries and find out which one is the best Scandinavian country for you:


The fact that Denmark is filled with some of the happiest people in the world may be reason enough to study abroad there (mom always said to surround yourself with positive people!), but there is also so much more to this land of future-forward thinking.

Nyhavn, Denmark, boats lit up on the water at night with colorful row houses in the background

Make your Denmark on the world studying abroad in this country right out of your favorite fairytales.

As the hub and capital of the country, Copenhagen is the most popular destination to study in Denmark for international students. The renowned Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) partners with top universities in Copenhagen to offer a wide-range of programs for students who wish to study in Denmark in English. Known for being socially progressive, super environmentally friendly, and high up on the business ladder, international students studying in denmark often choose courses in international business, sustainability, and political science. Art and history buffs will also enjoy studying in Denmark. Participate in the Art and Visual Culture program to meet European artists and directors.

The real world application of learning utilized in the Danish education system makes these areas of study literally come alive as students engage with current activists, researchers, and like-minded entrepreneurs through study tours and case work. It also allows students to gain experience in a very concentrated focus such as studying glaciers and ice sheets through Environmental Science of the Arctic.


While we can’t promise Elsa and Anna will be in your study group (major bummer), we CAN promise you will enjoy the enriching culture and picturesque landscape study abroad in Norway has to offer. With program options in Kristiansand in the South, the capital city Oslo in the East, Bergen in the West, and Trondheim toward the north, you will be able to find the right program fit for what you are looking for in the Nordic countries.

bright green of the northern lights against the night sky in Norway

Miss seeing the majesty of the Northern Lights? Norway Jose!

If the Scandinavian mountains, over 1,000 fjords, and spacious forests are what draw you to study abroad in the Nordic countries, pick a program in geography or geology to get a closer look at these awe-inspiring wonders. If you are more interested in politics or the effects of the migrant crisis in Europe, the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs partners with local officials to offer an in-depth program on immigration, identity, and belonging.

No matter what field of study, many of Norway’s study abroad programs allow students to learn more about the culture, history, and people of Norway, with full immersion both at school and through living with a host family or right in the center of a major city. The small, walkable Norwegian cities with friendly atmospheres make the opportunity to study in Norway for international students overly pleasant, as you can easily get to know the area and become a regular at your favorite local shops and cafes.


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