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Drama Review Corner: ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episodes 7 & 8 : News : KpopStarz

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Last episode, Joon Jae took Shim Chung to a ski resort to see the snow and asked her to say "I love you".

Episode 7 returns to the past as Dam Ryung searches desperately for Se Hwa. As he goes a certain jade bracelet flashes around his wrist, the same one that Shim Chung acquired in Spain and Joon Jae later took. Dam Ryung approaches the edge of a cliff where he finds the beaten body of his comrade who tried so desperately to save Se Hwa. Meanwhile inside the cave Se Hwa continues to wait for her love when the cave opening illuminates, unfortunately for Se Hwa it's not Dam Ryung but rather Mr. Yang's men. Luckily for Dam Ryung his friend is alive but in critical condition.

Dam Ryung pays a visit to Mr. Yang who plays his role apologizing for his concubines actions but Dam Ryung doesn't fall for it. Instead he picks up a tangerine then goes on to explain that the corpse they had found was poisoned and had eaten tangerines, a delicacy a the time, before he had died. Dam Ryung explains that while at first they didn't detect the poison but when the corpse thawed out they discovered poisonous blow fish eggs. As Mr. Yang attempts to deny this, Dam Ryung's men come in with a jar of blow fish eggs they found in Mr. Yang's room which he blames the servants for.

Outside Mr. Yang's concubine is taken by Dam Ryung's men, she tries to get away but before she can escape their arms Dam Ryung puts a sword to her neck. He threatens her life is Se Hwa is dead which gets him to a closet like room. Inside is a beaten Se Hwa tied up with a basket of pearls beside her. Mr. Yang's concubine attempts to cause ruckus by claiming the mermaid brought the bad omen but with a quick wrist, Dam Ryung throws the pearls creating a calamity with the citizens as Mr. Yang's concubine cries over her loss. While they are distracted, Dam Ryung takes the unconscious Se Hwa away. As he walks to an unknown destination, he tells her about a dream he had of them in the future which mirrors the events that have occurred with Joon Jae.


In the present, Shim Chung tells Joon Jae that he's her property thinking back to Spain when Joon Jae said the same thing. Joon Jae asks where she learned this and she tells him from a man. He scolds her for following someone who is obviously going to con her but Shim Chung is set that he is a good man. When Joon Jae mentions love again, Shim Chung finally says 'I love you' which causes Joon Jae to pause but they continue to walk away.

They arrive back at home as Nam Doo inquires about where they where. When Joon Jae explains that they went to a ski resort, Nam Doo is quick to jump that they went on a date which bothers Taeho who then walks to his room but not before giving Joon Jae a wicked glaring. When Joon Jae walks away, Nam Doo hands Shim Chung a tangerine and questions Joon Jae's bad mood.

That night Joon Jae lays in bed restless. Overrun by his thoughts he calls on Shim Chung, when she slides the door to her room open Joon Jae's heart quickens pace. She climbs down and Joon Jae asks about her other man, first asking if she said I love you to him which she replies yes, then asks what he looks like. She goes on to talk about his pretty looks and sparkling eyes but Joon Jae stops her and talks about how awful pretty boys are. He yells at her to go back to her room and she obliges.

Outside a car swerves on the road but comes to halt when it hits a barrier. Back with Joon Jae, he dreams of Dam Ryung little flashes of his previous life. Flashing on Dam Ryung's injured comrade who he realizes looks like Chief Nam and the jade bracelet. Joon Jae wakes up in a sweat trying to figure out what the dream was about and calls Chief Nam. But Chief Nam is injured, badly, in the previously swerving car and Dae Young grabs the phone turning away Joon Jae's call then putting the phone to automated voicemail before leaving the car.

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