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Lifestyle: Dating the man in suit

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2016-11-20Lifestyle: Dating the man in suit

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Almost every girl’s dream is to have a responsible man who wakes up every morning to a “9am-5pm” job in a corporate environment of well fitted suits and can provide her with her every need. Who wouldn’t want to have that man who has a well paying job and is man enough to make her the envy of other ladies?

Yes… I know most of you ladies quickly gave your answers in the affirmative because you all want the easy way out but what’s the point in being with a man in ‘suit’ and have all your desired luxuries on a silver platter but without the required love and attention? Hmmm…I was indeed lucky to be with such a man but mine has been a total nightmare!

Smith has always been my definition of an ideal man; he works in one of the most reputable firms in the country and showers me with all the deserving luxuries without a sweat. We moved in together after our engagement (NB: we are yet to be legally married) and there I realized something very disturbing; we barely spent time together as a couple, All he did was to shower me with gifts and money without making time for us to bond emotionally. One would ask if I didn’t take note of all of these things before going the extra mile with him but unfortunately…I didn’t. It was basically because I was so focused on the goodies and pampering I was receiving that I never realized that Smith was being emotionally absent from my life and ours as a couple.

He’s always up by 4:30am and returns home as late as 9:40pm every weekday and on weekends, he goes outside of town for business retreats and returns on Sunday evenings. When I complained about it, he said that’s the only way to keep us going and he is there’s no time to slow down and he also painfully added that it is because my job is not as important and time consuming as his hence, it comes with less commitments. Hmm… What a way to undermine my hair dressing job!

I met Aaron Yaw Okyere at the cafeteria next to my salon and we got along immediately. He is an auto-mechanic by profession and doesn’t earn as much as my Auditor ‘beau’ but there was an extra special something about him besides his healthy and well-built physique…he seemed different. Somehow, he managed to make up for all the lost times Smith failed show up for. Aaron is everything I need emotionally but not what I generally look out for in a man in terms of physique and career. He passes by the shop everyday at exactly 1pm to have lunch with me; I must admit that I liked him more and more as the days went by. Smith never took notice of my diastema nor how fast I blinked whenever I got upset but Aaron did. Smith is never available for us to talk and solidify that bond we had but is always there for his numerous business trips and late night meetings; the only time he got closer to me was when he was hard and horny at dawn (normally around 3am).

To cut the long story short, my ideal man in suit provides for me physically but not emotionally and my Auto-Mechanic brings me so much joy and warmth.

I am quite at sea but if you were in my shoes would you be with the man who makes you unhappy but gives you every bit of the luxuries in life or would you choose the average man who makes ample time for and puts you first but unable to shower you with the luxuries of life?

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