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MARILYN HAGERTY: Laura Schweigerts family has lots to yell about

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You wear green. You are not quiet at the games. And on Sunday you found yourself laundering the shirt Coach Bubba was wearing at the end of the game. That was pretty funny when the players dumped a tub full of water or something on him.

Anyway, I am sure you didn't mind.

I kept watching the scoreboard during the game and thinking towards the end there was no way. The people all around me were going crazy.

Somehow the Hawks came through. It was really exciting to be among all the fans and exchange high fives on the way out of the Alerus Center. You would think we all, personally, had won that game.

Sometimes at football games now I think of the days we watched them in Memorial Stadium. When it got real cold we would go to the Home of Economy and get warm linings to wear in our shoes.

Now I suppose we should simmer down and start rounding up the groceries for Thanksgiving next week.

Donna Gillig and I went to the soup supper at St. Michael's Monday. You know, the one where you bring home a bowl. Quinton Hooker and the UND hoops team will be hosting Mayville State tonight. And the women will have a game with the University of Iowa here Wednesday night. That's big, Laura. I see you get to some of the games.

Before I go to the hoops game Wednesday night, I am going to a talk called Prevention 202 at 5:30 p.m. It's by Dr. Casey Ryan at Choice Health and Fitness. And it's free!

I wonder what you will do without a football game this weekend. Maybe you and Bubba and the boys could play croquet!

Well, I am sure you have your up and down days as the wife of a coach. We all will remember the joy of Saturday a long, long time. That included the big conference win by the volleyball team.

Let me know if you have any good luck tricks. Or if you send Coach Bubba and your two boys to bed without supper when the Hawks lose. It was fun seeing your sons, Alex and Cooper, with you at the Boosters luncheon on Veterans Day before the games.

All best wishes, Marilyn Hagerty.

P.S. I hope you are teaching your sons to write letters to their grandmother down at Zeeland, N.D.


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