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Womens Dawgs Spirit Review

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Womens Review Dawgs Spirit

Women's Dawgs Spirit

When it comes to shoes, one would think I was not even a girl. While I’m VERY picky about my shoes, I’m not a fancy shoe-wearing, multiple black pump-wearing, high heal-wearing, big money-spending shoe fashionista. I’m all about comfort and reliability and cuteness…on a budget. Once I find a shoe that works, that’s the shoe I’ll wear until it falls apart on my feet. (in fact, I have a pair of Polos that have fallen apart and my sister just gave me the ones she had that are JUST like them so I’m going on 4ish years in the same boot!)

So…guess what shoe I’m in love with at the moment…

DAWGS Footwear!!

While I love my Polos, it’s Spring time now and it’s not exactly comfortable to be sporting thick socks and Polo boots with jeans during the 80-90 degree weather we’re already having in Texas. When DAWGS contacted me about reviewing their shoes – and suggested I could try the Women’s Spirit – I was excited and nervous. I was afraid of getting a shoe from them and then not liking it, not because of them, but because of my own pickiness. Imagine my surprise when I put them on and absolutely frickin’ love them!!

Women's Spirit by DAWGS Footwear

These are my new comfort shoes…and yes, I’m at work in my cubicle, wearing these shoes. They are probably not “office attire” and I know a few Fashionistas out there who are cringing at the thought, but that’s me…and I try my best to wear these shoes every day I can!! (Hey fashionistas, I’m also wearing tapered leg blue jeans, haha!!)

Okay, so let me tell you why I love these shoes so much!!

They are made of rubber and fit to my feet perfectly. The orange strap across the top is a velcro so you can slide your foot in and then secure them even more – unlike some clog-type rubber shoes. They are flexible and soft and super light. Sometimes when I’m in my office, I like to take my shoes off, but with these I can barely tell they are on my feet. The holes in the sides and top allow for breathing so I can choose to wear them with or without socks although I always go without. There is a great arch support inside that curves to my foot and small bumps in the sole that create a tiny bit of a massage. Since they are made of all rubber, they are super easy to clean so I can play in the mud with my boy and then run them under a water hose and done!!

A few more features of the Women’s Spirit from the website:

Women’s Dawgs Spirit Features

High stabilizing heel cup helps stabilize the foot and ankles against injury and strains.Thick cushioning heel absorbs shock and impact, reducing foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.Integrated molded arch support helps prevent fallen arches and Plantar Fasciitis.

Women's Spirit in Orange from DAWGS Footwear

I chose the Orange and White Spirit, but there are lots of other colors. I’m sure that I know at least one blogger who will come across this post and know why I chose Orange and White.

Check out the Women’s Spirit from DAWGS Footwear and tell me what color you would love!!

You can also find DAWGS Footwear on Facebook and DAWGSFootwear on Twitter!!

Disclaimer: GCWG received a product for this review; however, all opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was received.

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